Thursday Afternoon

Christmas came early this year: I received the most amazing pair of earrings from V Jewellery, a brand that creates vintage-inspired silver designs. I can assure you that they are simply TO DIE FOR. Check them out by clicking HERE. You might think I'm crazy but I can't wait for university to start. It's a whole new beginning for me this year and I can't wait to concentrate on what I really love doing. I stopped going to Law School because it wasn't making me feel happy at the end of the day. I was leaving my passions behind. And I learned the lesson: you don't have to do what other people expect you to do because you'll feel unsatisfied for the rest of your life. Follow your dreams and go for what could REALLY make you grow as a person.

The 4 pm Light


Wildfox and Interno 7 backstage

ASOS on the road


Men's Milan Fashion Week 2016

Christmas Time

Getting close

Who Said Navy Chic?!

Always on the go