In the Gnambox kitchen

#PinkIsGood Fondazione Veronesi

Sooner or later, this post was supposed to arrive. Patricia in the kitchen .. who would have guessed?  But it's all thanks to the guys from Gnambox who have dedicated the entire mont... Continue reading
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Samsonite on the #move


Travelling for me is synonymous of life. You learn to understand yourself better, to dig in a little deeper into your thoughts and last but not least..YOU LEARN TO GET LOST. Sometimes you just feel like you need to leave everything and take... Continue reading
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Are your ready for Winter?

#patriciaiswearing Zadig & Voltaire

Outerwear, sweaters, boots ..  I am more than ready to face the cold winter and dress in layers: the layer dressing is very comfortable and it's got that je-ne-sais-quois of ''Scandinavian''-thing, that effortless, put together by chan... Continue reading
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Samba in the rain

Havaianas Rain Boots for a happy winter

The season we all fear is on its way: rain, gray skies and cold weather.  It's hard to be happy in the morning when you already have the knowledge that you most likely will return home soaked wet. We tend to think of the sun, the beach... Continue reading
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La Maison Des Carrés

Hermès Swinging Silk

Hermès has always been a brand characterized bydiscreet luxury, the concept of elitism, tradition and endless elegance endless.  When you think about the word itself ''Hermès'', what are the first images ... Continue reading
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Autumn colours in N-Duo-Concept

Floral trench coat

Today it's raining, so I'm working from home. Deadlines on deadlines for school and so much other work to do. I probably wouldn't have left the house anyway. Let's face it, this month in Milan hasn't been one of the best. I'm starting to fe... Continue reading
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Styligion's IT GIRL of the month

First Part

It is quite rare to work with a team that gives me .. CARTE BLANCHE, so to speak. When I was asked to collaborate with Styligion, one of coolest e-commerces and magazines at the moment, I was really excited.It's a really young, fresh and ne... Continue reading
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#MyPollini during Fashion Week

Nubuk Cavalier on my feet

I know you've all fallen in love with these boots.. and I'm afraid I fell for them as well. ... Continue reading
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Barber's Shop day

Getting groomed in Antony Morato

Following my return from Los Angeles I was looking for a Barber's Shop in Milan and after several research and pieces of advice, I finally found the right one. ... Continue reading
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The Atelier for Diesel

Fall-Winter Love Story

If you were to ask me to describe Diesel in 2 words, I would say FASHION AND MUSIC, which, ironically are my two greatest passions.  ... Continue reading
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