Easter? I chose Milano

#patriciaIsWearing J&C

And for the first time.. Milan has won. I decided to spend my Easter holidays here and the reasons were both work and personal. I can't deny I'll be missing my mom's delicious lunches but I'm sure we'll be having many of those pretty soon. ... Continue reading
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Forever Faster

With my Puma Ignite

I have not had much time to do any sports lately. And for two main reasons: FREEZING New York and STRESSFUL Milan Fashion Week. . I decided to take advantage of the wonderful time in Paris to try my new Puma Ignite to try to get b... Continue reading
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If I were Cinderella..

What would I wear?

As a child, I had Cinderella Story as a bedtime fairytale as well and I dreamed of the carriage and the prince who would save me from all the injustice in this world.   And I wonder now, as a young woman, how much... Continue reading
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Hello Cécilia Bonstrom

Zadig & Voltaire FW '15'16

I have always been curious about the person who has made Zadig & Voltaire so great in the last 10 years and when I got a backstage pass for the latest ... Continue reading
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I wish common sense was more common

Var City during MFW

Fashion Week in Milan has just ended, and at this time I am writing to you from Paris where I'll be attending the last shows of the fashion month. There are shows that mark your memory of the fashion week, and there are also certain looks t... Continue reading
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Urban Outfitters arrives in Milan

Annex La Rinascente, in Via Santa Radegonda 10

The dream of every girl is now a reality, Urban Outfitters opens today its first store in Italy, at the "Annex La Rinascente" in... Continue reading
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Philosophy is

My Philosophy

18 women, going from international top models, to stylists, journalists and bloggers. Each and every one of them with a strictly personal LIFE PHILOSOPHY. 1 brand: ... Continue reading
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Comfy and Cozy before leaving to NYC

#patriciaiswearing SET

I am writing to you today from the city that never sleeps.. NEW YORK. I could talk about it for hours and hours but I would probably end up boring you. If you’ve ever been here, you GET IT… if you’ve neve... Continue reading
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I LV Valentine's Day

Get your customised Louis Vuitton item

Customized Louis Vuitton products have that '' je ne sais quoi'' about them. Because once you have yours customized, it's only YOURS, you can play ''designer'' for a minute and create something that will NEVER BE 100% suitable for anyone else.... Continue reading
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Dear Kenzo,

Bienvenue en Paris

I remember that as soon as I entered the SS Kenzo fashion show in October, it seemed to me that somebody had teletransported me back to Los Angeles, at Venice Beach skatepark where we had spent most of our summer holidays. But no, I was sim... Continue reading
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