A New Patricia

Going back to Almost a century ago, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot had changed the hairstyle trends and the new COOL thing had become having your bangs hanging right above your eyes. Kate Moss, one of my most Beloved icons I have always... Continue reading
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Guess Tailored Denim

Double Trouble

The kind of look that both me and Giotto adopt during our free-days in Milan always include DENIM. We are both big fans of denim in many different structures and cuts. But what really never fails to miss in our wardrobe is the Tailored clot... Continue reading
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Safilo Energy Boost

Back in Amalfi

Looking at these pictures and looking out the window straight away makes me feel nostalgic, it's already autumn!  Not even a month ago, my last days of '' summer '' were spent with the Safilo team that brought tog... Continue reading
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My #MFW SS16 Looks

Which is your favorite one?

 [img]patricia-trussardi-20151002161409.jpg[/img] [img]tumblr_nv5incdoxo1skuxvno1_1280-20151001140602.jpg[/img] [img]schermata-2015-10-01-alle-16-34-30-20151001044112.png[/img] [img]phcreditspeter-strigter-20151001313111.... Continue reading
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A sk8 ride in town

My F&M look

During Fashion Week I haven't got much time for myself but i FINALLY had the much needed self-space today as I decided to take my skateboard for a ride in the park, since nothing satisfies as much as skateboarding does. My favourite look for a ''M... Continue reading
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Need an Eco Ride?

Check our choice for MFW

Kia has now become our adventure companion for every occasion, from our trip to Los Angeles, to this second fashion week spent together. For the fashion week in Milan, we have once again been lucky enough to spend our days of madness in the most c... Continue reading
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Omega her time

Dinner with Nicole Kidman

At the Omega event dedicated to its one hundred years of history, the dress code was clear: BLACK TIE. And I do not get cold feet when it comes to being elegant. After all I had to impress the special guest of the evening, a livin... Continue reading
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3 fav Photography apps


I have been asked this question from you guys so many times so I decided to finally make a post about it. I am usually very secretive about the apps that I use for my pictures but I guess I have to let go :) This is a fast list of my 3 favo... Continue reading
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Coca Cola Light x Trussardi

Elegantly Cool is still on!

Do you still have to enter the contest #ElegantlyCool signed Coca-Cola Light x Trussardi? In this post I will show you some photos that can serve as an example for you guys to be WINNERS. (yep yep) Remember, your deadline i... Continue reading
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Our perfect ride

Kia Sorento as our sixth friend

These weeks in Los Angeles have been truly unforgettable, especially because they have been spent in the company of our best friends. And beyond the embarrassing videos and anecdotes that we could tell you about, California is a land we love more ... Continue reading
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