I LV Objets Nomades

Milan Design Week

The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the leading design event in Europe and gave birth in the early 80s to the so-called Fuori Salone, thanks to which many companies operating in industrial design or in the fashion industry can expre... Continue reading
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Music is a beautiful noise

Giotto wears Franklin & Marshall

One of my biggest passions is MUSIC so when I have time, I always try to go to my favourite artists' concerts or to check out new bands. One of the bands I've been listening to lately is ''Is Tropical'' and I watched them play last month live at T... Continue reading
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Serious Sandro mood

Around Milano

Oh Brera Brera.. You're always so beautiful. Especially in these amazing sunny days when I can enjoy you a little bit more and why not.. stop for an ice-cream, a walk in Pinacoteca or simply watching the people pass by. Yeah I know, it could seem ... Continue reading
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Maria Lamanna Campaign

Finally Out

It's always difficult to keep projects from you but today, I can finally reveal you the brand new Maria Lamanna campaign for the launch of the iconic Selva Ba... Continue reading
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My week in My Pollini

A walk in the park

This wonderful weather allows me to take long walks and enjoy some free time. I took one day off from studying yet my head projects thousands of things in the meantime and I'm really looking forward to sharing it all with you. Yesterday Gio... Continue reading
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Pretty much the last day of winter

Acne from #VestiaireCollective

And right when you get these new amazing winter pieces in your wardrobe, SPRING ARRIVES! But that's okay.. in a city like Milan, cold weather knocks on your door when you least expect it. So lucky me, I can proudly show them off for a little while... Continue reading
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Easter? I chose Milano

#patriciaIsWearing J&C jackyceline

And for the first time.. Milan has won. I decided to spend my Easter holidays here and the reasons were both work and personal. I can't deny I'll be missing my mom's delicious lunches but I'm sure we'll be having many of those pretty soon. ... Continue reading
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Forever Faster

With my Puma Ignite

I have not had much time to do any sports lately. And for two main reasons: FREEZING New York and STRESSFUL Milan Fashion Week. . I decided to take advantage of the wonderful time in Paris to try my new Puma Ignite to try to get b... Continue reading
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If I were Cinderella..

What would I wear?

As a child, I had Cinderella Story as a bedtime fairytale as well and I dreamed of the carriage and the prince who would save me from all the injustice in this world.   And I wonder now, as a young woman, how much... Continue reading
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Hello Cécilia Bonstrom

Zadig & Voltaire FW '15'16

I have always been curious about the person who has made Zadig & Voltaire so great in the last 10 years and when I got a backstage pass for the latest ... Continue reading
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