Mom's old 80's Dress

Soaking wet under the rain

Dear rain, you always arrive in the most unexpected moments. You know that summer rain that increases the freshness in the air and almost makes you abandon yourself to a pleasant melancholy?  That is exactly the mood of these shots.&nb... Continue reading
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A girl can be a million things

#patriciaiswearing Vans like a school girl

I've always been torn between two worlds when it comes to fashion and it's a bit like being torn between two men, but in this case you can have both: the first one is elegant, lovely and classic .. the second one is outgoing, spontaneous and effor... Continue reading
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Where the fence is low..

Baby I'm home

When I come back home, everything changes for the better: the food is tastier, it feels warmer, it's sunnier and I feel more optimistic. One of my usual chilling-days in Naples are made of very simple things. An afternoon spent at Salvo's p... Continue reading
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Tough as Leather

An Architecture Love Story

My second home, Milan. A magical place that has given me the unimaginable in one single year.  Went out for a quick grocieries-shopping session .. and here I am in front of a beautiful sunset in Porta Nuova decorated with an arch... Continue reading
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Those 30's vibes

#patriciaiswearing HISTORY

''Where is this dress from?'' .. This is the question I have been asked by photographers, friends and you guys ..  My answer has always been ''It's MINE''. It could have been of anyone's really .. no label, no name, no designer. I purc... Continue reading
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I'ma take your Grand Pa's style

Pitti Immagine Uomo 86

Pitti .. a place where the word RESEARCH is at the center of everything. The projects are constantly renewed and I have to admit that this year I saw better work than in previous years. There are so many young people who put themselves in t... Continue reading
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That Architectural dress

#patriciaiswearing Costume National

Deconstruct and reconstruct .. A combination that works for the piece that I wore on the first day of this Fashion Week.  The asymmetry, the paradoxical simplicity and a sense of discreet sensuality.  The 3 elements that I ... Continue reading
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Getting around the wind

In Grand Pa and Total Look Levi's

As soon as I have a little bit of free time, a nice walk at Navigli is a must: vintage shops, markets, restaurants, old AC/DC vinyls .. everything I love wrapped up in a couple of kilometers.  In the pictures I'm showing you I am weari... Continue reading
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Diesel #DenimEye Campaign

Diesel proudly presented a bold new vision with their #DENIMEYE campaign, ‘Insights’, a series of eye-catching images that embodies the beauty inherent in detail. ‘Insights’ encapsulates the Diesel ethos and rock n r... Continue reading
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Neutral colours

In Florence #giottoiswearing

A perfect summer wardrobe for men must also consist of neutral colors. I tend to avoid the excesses and I prefer simplicity in lines and colors.  This is one of my favorite combos for a summer look that suits me the best.  ... Continue reading
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