Our perfect ride

Kia Sorento as our sixth friend

These weeks in Los Angeles have been truly unforgettable, especially because they have been spent in the company of our best friends. And beyond the embarrassing videos and anecdotes that we could tell you about, California is a land we love more ... Continue reading
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The AP Woman

A Millenary Lovestory

My relationship with time? Well it's just like the biggest lovestory of your life: you love it when everything goes according to plan and you hate it when it's a little less than that. But what if there was a personal accessory to make it a... Continue reading
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DG Beauty On The Go

Dolce & Gabbana and Elle.It

The relationship us women have with beauty is a Catullus odi et amo. Our mothers and their famous' 'To be beautiful you have to suffer a little' '' is definitely to blame. It almost normal that pain is part of our routine ... and that's why, dear ... Continue reading
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A weekly Gap look

Mix & Match your basics

If I had to describe my look during the week, the key word would COMFINESS. Especially in weather conditions where 40 degrees are common. Shorts, jeans and basic tees are my favorite pieces, because they guarantee maximum comfort and lightw... Continue reading
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Van Cleef & Arpels

And the Poetry of Time

After all, time is that fundamental dimension that sets the rules for anything .. and maybe that's mainly why it is always so difficult for theorists and scientists to fully analyze it.  What is certain is that the pre... Continue reading
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Glastonbury Adventure

My Zadig & Voltaire looks

It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life: I'm sure you've read my article on WMagazine and yo... Continue reading
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Elegantly Cool

Coca-Cola Light x Trussardi

I'm really excited to be able to FINALLY unveil our new project: we are the official faces of the collaboration of Coca-cola Light with Trussardi for the design of the Coca-Cola Light can. The project is entitled 'Elegantly Cool' because the drink... Continue reading
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12 H in Paris With LV

Fashion Show and Colette Pop Up Store

These were the fastest 12 h ever:  woke up at dawn, closed up mysuitcase .. and left to the beautiful Paris on the occasion of the SS16 Louis Vuitton, which has genius Kim Jones as a creative director. The new collection has not disapp... Continue reading
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Kia Soul Eco-Electric

Our Fashion Week ride

Having the right travel companionship is always important, especially during Fashion Week, when both me and Giotto need maximum comfort. And in a time where being eco-friendly is a need to improve the quality of human life itself, K... Continue reading
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Pitti Day 1

In Florence with L'ED Emotion Design

Pitti Uomo is an event awaited by me with such enthusiasm: it is always a great pleasure to return to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence. Pitti Uomo is the ENFORCEMENT of the tradition but also of innovation and risk. Being... Continue reading
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