I'll Bet on...

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

You might have heard of "the gentleman's wager", the short film made for the whisky Johnnie Walker Blue Label that sees the 2 actors challenging each other in the gentleman way. I decided to get i... Continue reading
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Once i got to Rome...

GQ for Polo Ralph Lauren

We celebrated the success of Polo Ralph Lauren with the opening of the first store dedicated entirely to the male universe in Rome, inside a historic building on the corner between Via del Corso and Via Frattina . Elegance is for a man an e... Continue reading
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"The First Time Is Forever"

Do you know the incredible capacity of scents to awaken in a second a past experience deeply impressed in our memory? While retracing our history we have recalled the magic of our first dates, the first kiss, our meeting places, and the var... Continue reading
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My Daily Routine


How many times have you asked me what are my favourite beauty products? Well I’m usually very secretive but.. here’s to you my beauty secrets. No cheating!   I'm not a big fan of make-up during the day, I'm... Continue reading
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Vogue China Magazine

"Big Apple"

Living in the "Big Apple" just for a few days, and for most of the editorial shoot for Vogue China was an unforgettable experience. My residence was just in Chelsea, a fabulous neighborhood of Manhattan so we set up our editorial there.&nbs... Continue reading
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Who Said Navy Chic?!

Always on the go

Do you ever open your eyes and feel so scared of all the things you have to do to the point you wish you would never get up? Rhetorical question, no doubts about it! Today is that kind of day. It started early and who knows when it will end. &ldqu... Continue reading
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In My Kitchen

Last Menu

The kitchen is always  the only place where I can relax and not think about anything else!   As I  already have mentioned,  I usually have fun with the revisiting of traditional dishes, and everyth... Continue reading
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Polo Ralph Lauren For GQ

On my way to Rome

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Special video project for Kenzo

8 a.m., alarm clock rings, Giotto is ready waiting for me. I've already done a lot of things this morning: I had breakfast, read various news, joked around on WhatsApp with colleagues and girlfriends of school. Usual, normal things, just li... Continue reading
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Put A Smell On You

Gods live their lives, without any direct contact with reality. Their existence has been the object of several studies and philosophical reflections, but also cultural ones like art and literature, from which I have always been fascinated. Then I ... Continue reading
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