A break with Baileys

Brindiamo a Noi

In this month full of appointments, business trips but especially preparation for the various finals, a break was just what I needed. Milan is 'the aperitif city par excellence' so why not take advantage of a sunny day? Me and my friends de... Continue reading
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Made in Dior

Ready for Cannes Festival

Last week was a week of 'first-times'. And while I'll still hold onto a little bit more of silence about my first Live performance, I couldn't wait to tell you all about my first experience with Dior Beauty at the Cannes Festival. As soon a... Continue reading
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Home is where the heart is

Siviglia Part II

A second appointment with the beauty of nature and most of all with those amazing colours that only the sea in my hometown can offer. These pictures leave me with a tiny bit of nostalgia, especially in these days when there's nothing I woul... Continue reading
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Welcome back Summer

Sporting J&C

Who would've ever thought that summer could come around so fast? In less than 10 days my exams will start and if I'll be lucky enough, I'll go on holiday in mid july. We still haven't organized anything, have you? One of the reasons I simpl... Continue reading
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Like the first time

Back home with Siviglia

It's always nice to come back home, especially in times like these when the sun ray start making their ways upon your skin and the sea looks like a blue table. The first day of my return to Napoli I usually only have ONE DATE: my own city. ... Continue reading
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Blue Emporio Armani vibes

40 years of the king

Last week we attended an event within the Emporio Armani store in our hometown, Naples. It was great to meet you all and thank you also for letting us do your ''styling  Emporio Armani makeover'' with the new SS15 collection. For us it... Continue reading
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Sunglasses are life-savers

A secret wedding.. one you can't know EVERYTHING about (for now) but I promise you'll be the first ones to discover detail after detail step by step. And NO! It's not my wedding. A wedding is ''UNION'' and not just between ... Continue reading
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I LV Objets Nomades

Milan Design Week

The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the leading design event in Europe and gave birth in the early 80s to the so-called Fuori Salone, thanks to which many companies operating in industrial design or in the fashion industry can expre... Continue reading
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Music is a beautiful noise

Giotto wears Franklin & Marshall

One of my biggest passions is MUSIC so when I have time, I always try to go to my favourite artists' concerts or to check out new bands. One of the bands I've been listening to lately is ''Is Tropical'' and I watched them play last month live at T... Continue reading
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Serious Sandro mood

Around Milano

Oh Brera Brera.. You're always so beautiful. Especially in these amazing sunny days when I can enjoy you a little bit more and why not.. stop for an ice-cream, a walk in Pinacoteca or simply watching the people pass by. Yeah I know, it could seem ... Continue reading
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